Hail and Welcome to my page DESEKRATED SOUNDS.

My name is DefRatard and I am a fan of the 80’s and 90’s EXTREME METAL MUSIC.

I Grew up in the 80’s and got caught in the moshing sounds of THRASH METAL, DEATH METAL, GRIND CORE AND BLACK METAL! What defined their style,among the sheer pace & brutality, was the ABRASIVE,HARSH and FUZZY SOUND .The SOUND was crucially fundamental!

In recent years,a spate of REMASTERED VERSIONS of those now out of print records are being reissued and as a fan’s point of view, THESE REMASTERED VERSIONS HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT HARM BY DESECRATING THE ORIGINAL SOUND of those recordings.

I set up this blog with the aim to raise awareness around the issue of this SYSTEMATIC AND SENSELESS REMASTERING by sharing information and opinions on it, so please feel free to interact with yours as well!

In the bigger picture the aim of this blog is to set an effective lobbying campaign / voice to put a STOP on REMASTERED VERSIONS but re release albums in its original sound format.

So if you feel the same way as I am,let your voice be known and join the LOUDNESS WAR!